Solo Travel & Self Care

As COVID Vaccines eradicate the pandemic that set travelers back for nearly a year, we have received countless emails and questions in regards to the safety of solo travel. Solo, international travel is very common and with a quick consultation, we can find the right destination for you in regards to what you're looking for in a vacation, while keeping safety in mind as well. Just a back history, of the 20 countries traveled to - 3 of those countries I have traveled to alone. I am definetely a late bloomer (circa 2019) for solo travel, but I have had an awesome experience in each country and I highly recommend at least 1 solo, international vacation in your lifetime.

In regards to travel and self care, there are several reasons to take that leap of faith and venture out on a vacation with self. In my experieice, solo travel has alloted time to do the following: Social media detox, pamper yourself, get creative, journal/blog, listen to music, and well deserved rest & relaxation. Throw in an excursion or two and a nice dinner with self and BOOM you have a solo trip curated for self. Venture over to our consultation tab for details on how to book your first solo travel experience. Featured below: Thailand (my very first solo, international travel experience).

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