Passport Booth: An App Created for Passport Photos

Did you know there’s an app created just for taking passport photos? It’s one of those apps that I REALLY wish I thought of myself, but I digress! And the app is incredibly efficient and user friendly! I actually used the app for my last passport update for my name change.

Here‘s how it works: download the Passport Booth app on your smart phone and create a profile. Once you create a profile, the app will instruct you to prepare for your passport photo. In order for your passport photo to be approved, make sure you take your photo in front of a white wall and DO NOT smile. Look directly at the camera.

The app will then give you further instructions on whether you’d like to print, email, or mail your photo. The easiest way to print out your passport photo is honestly to have the app email you the copy and download your new passport photo at your nearest Walgreens or CVS. Don’t forget to download and print it in passport format, as the size requirements must match exactly for your application!

Right now is the perfect time to get your passport as once international travel opens back up I assure you that passport offices will be booked to capacity!

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