Let's Get into COMFORT & BEDS!

How to select the best hotel, hostel, and or Airbnb for you/your group? BEDSSSSS! The answer is always BEDSSS! I must admit I am a sucker for luxury hotels, but at a discounted rate of course. Inquire within, inquire within. One of the best perks of being a travel nurse, is the discounts on not only rental cars, but also LUXURY hotel chains! Of course there are plenty of options for everyone, but for international destinations comfort is important. You want to take into consideration: 1.) long flights to and from your destination, 2.) proximity and locality of your hotel to main attractions or sites of interest, 3.) cleanliness is next to Godliness, 4.) and COMFORT! So what hotel chain has the absolute best beds in terms of comfort? MARRIOTT for sure, and the W Hotel brand to be more specific. Did you know that you can actually purchase hotel grade beds from some of your favorite hotel chains? The W Hotel brand, for example, sells luxury mattresses, sheets, and towels on their website for a pretty penny or two. GET IN TO IT- definitely something to consider!

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