It's the Destination Weddings for Me ‼️‼️

It’s no secret that destination weddings are becoming a massive trend for many couples to be wed! There are so many benefits to electing to walk down the isle via a destination wedding! I am honored to say that I have attended two destination weddings of two of my closest nursing school gal pals-one in Cancun and one in the Dominican Republic. The most picturesque weddings ever I must say. Not to mention the absolute greatest time amongst dope ass people that you may or may not know, but still bask in the ambience of unlimited adult beverages, food, pool and beach time, but most of all the shared experience in a different country with the newlyweds to be is beyond priceless. I definitely cried a little. Ok lies, I cried A LOT! We had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie Sohn, a great friend of mine that ventured to Cancun, Mexico with her closest family and friends to wed her now husband. See below for our interview:

Q: What ultimately made you decide to have a destination wedding opposed to a traditional wedding?

A: “We both love the vibe of the ocean so choosing to have a destination wedding was a no brainer! Plus it took a lot of the stress off as far as planning. Many of the all inclusive hotels had wedding packages to choose from.” @Stephanie Sohn

Q: What would you say was the highlight of your trip/destination wedding?

A: “Highlight of our trip/destination wedding was the ability to have all of our close friends and family with us for 4+ days, felt more like a week long vacation than just a 1 day wedding.”

@Stephanie Sohn

So QTNA-destination weddings? Yesssss!! Special thank you to Stephanie Sohn for allowing us to interview her and her husband!

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