Is Spirit Airlines that bad, good sis?

Yes, it’s that bad. Absolute GAR - BAGE with an accent over the E 🥴. No lies told. Ok let me explain. The cheap flights are ever so appealing, but in the end, you get what you pay for....

  1. I received a text message that my flight was canceled AS I ENTERED THE AIRPORT.

  2. I have an ESA dog (Emotional Support Animal) that legitimately goes everywhere with me. Never ever had a complaint. For flights though, consumers must provide legal documentation that your animal is in fact ESA. Cool! I get my paperwork together and submitted it via email as requested, the same paperwork for any other airline. I get to the airport and the flight personnel asks me to step aside and go to the customer service desk, where he tells me there’s no documentation of permission to bring a “pet” on the flight. I said, “look no further” and hand him a print out copy of said documentation. Don’t you know this whole man showed out! Called his manager in hopes of what, I have no idea. I said you know what sir, give me the documentation. I do not have the time or patience to argue with you on this fine day. Then the young man proceeds to try and argue. One more time good sir, “before I get agitated please give me my documentation and the receipt for my flight cancellation please and thank you.” Cash right back in my card, and goodbye.

  3. That carryon bag you have sis, ain’t gone fit. That’ll be an extra $60.

  4. I rest my case. Don’t fly Spirit, OR YOU’LL BECOME ONE‼️🥴

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